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20. october 2005 - hitched!

pardon the lack of update, but the wedding kind of took over. it happened, we signed the appropriate paperwork, and there's rings on both our fingers.

as we regain our sanity post-wedding, we'll be updating the site with pictures of the ceremony and reception, recipes for the food, and explanations of the origins for the ceremony we wrote.

thank you for joining us!

19. september 2005 - ack! less than three weeks to go!

my final dress fitting was in chicago saturday with gerry quinton of Morua Designs, and it looks beautemous! the remainder of my time (outside of the two jobs, studio, and house stuff) has been spent nailing down the last few details.

i have an appointment to finalize flowers this week, did the first round of grocery shopping with our caterer last night, and have to take care of the last few niggling details like, you know, getting the actual marriage license.

we're in the home stretch. cross your fingers for us! zoom!

23. august 2005 - counting down: t-minus 46 days.

house unpacking and kitchen renovation mostly behind us, i've completed the first of three dress fittings with gerry of morua designs, finalized ceremony music with our guitarist, have a number of other appointments in the works including those with our officiant, our caterer, our florist, and our cake baker, and booked our wedding night hotel room.

amidst all this, i keep track of the RSVPs as they trickle in (a week left to go before the deadline!) and try to tick things off my lists and lists and other lists (so. many. lists.)

heather and jeanie threw me a lovely shower last weekend, and much fun was had by all. now to keep plugging onward with the planning, wait as time time ticks by, and hope everything falls into place in time.

13. june 2005 - one thing at a time? yeah, right!

in the last two months, life's been pretty crazy. in addition to the wedding planning necessities, we've also decided to go about things a bit backwards and buy a house!

unable to just move in, we're spending the time between the closing date (may 23rd) and the end of our condo lease (mid-july) gutting and re-doing the kitchen and painting the interior (the latter a generous wedding gift from pro-painter friends.) you can keep an eye on our progress over here.

wedding invites are set to go out in the next week or so, test brunch is scheduled for this weekend, dress fittings scheduled for the end of july, and the shower'll be sometime in august. somewhere in there is all the movening of our collective cruft, as well as maintaining our workin' for the man kind of lives (two jobs for me, one for jeff. but he's taking care of most of the house remodel!)

13. april 2005 - down and diy time

plans are progressing nicely, with a closet slowly but surely filling with wedding supplies. i've gotten my first round of dress sketches from gerry of morua designs, and can't wait to see what the final product will look like.

one of these days, jeff and i need to corral our ever-so-generous group of friends who have volunteered for a favor-making and invite-assembling party. i suppose this means we should also finalize the invite design as well. *grins*

25. march 2005 - ticking off

not me, mind you. my list. second block of rooms booked for the wedding, so you not have your choice of hotels, both running about $75-80/night for a double queen room (one even allows pets!)

wedding planner jeanie and i did some scouting for ceremony and reception decroations, as well as centerpieces, and are set to tackle flowers next. jeff nd i piecked out all our paper goods last weekend, and now just have to go and pick them up.

i've got shoes and hair picked out, and just need to finish off my accessories (some hairsticks or pins,) as well as continue working with gerry on my dress design, which is coming along quite nicely.

9. march 2005 - i hate shopping.

i've spent an evening or two the past few weeks out and about in search of wedding dress ideas, and have rather foul words to say about the wedding industry and femal body image. i'll spare you those, but will say that the quest continues. and continues. hopefully, i'll find something soon.

in other news, i've booked an initial block of rooms at one of the local convention centers, and am compiling a list of area attractions you can enjoy while you're in baraboo. enjoy!

3. february 2005 - extra wedding monies.

supplementary employment...acquired! picking up a part time retail job to try and defray some of the wedding expenses. it'll give me a chance to be creative, as well as a source to work out a few wedding issues re: jewelry and stones.

13. january 2005 - menu v1.0 and stuff.

met with enzie and jeff this week over dumplings to talk about wedding edibles. we've got a bit of a list put together, and now just need to narrow it all down and then talk quantities. i need to steal amy m away for lunch to do that.

need to figure out what's going on for ceremony music, and how we want to handle reception music. i think we need special permits to have amplification at the park, and need to look into that (both for music, and a mic for the ceremony).

otherwise, it's just a matter of figuring out how to rearrange the tables inside, while also accomodating serving tables, so people can dance. if they want to dance. and then, should we just put a bunch of mix cds and/or an itunes playlist on random, or ask one of our lovely friends to dj?

bleh. who knows. i'm just going to hunker down and keep ticking things off my list.

6. january 2005 - invite designs!

see, there's a carlson craft set i really like, but UNASSEMBLED, it's nearly $800 plus postage! ($1200 + postage assembled.) not even relatively in our budget. poking through my stash of cardmaking supplies, i came up with this, and it'll cost a whopping $61 plus postage.

now i just have to figure if we're sticking strictly with the red/black colorscheme, or if we should add an olive accent. i hope to use the bamboo design jeffreyp originally came up with for invites for the rsvp cards, but we haven't gotten to fleshing out the design on those yet.

now to just get cracking on the dress design, and anxiously await the confirmation on our ceremony and reception location.

3. january 2005 - playing their games.

today was the first day of the year that the state parks take shelter reservations for 2005. jeffreyp and i dutifully scoped out the system at the beginning of december, and i was ready, this morning to play their game.

jeanie was kind enough to drive me all the way to devil's lake bright and early this morning (thank you!), and i with my paperwork all filled out, presented it to the ranger. he stamped my paperwork and then looked at me, like he was wondering why i was still standing there.

turns out that for the first week of the year, they datestamp all of the in-person requests, and put them in with the mail. then they wait a week, and put them together by postmark date. then they fill out the calendar, and send out confirmation cards. so putting my request in the mail today would have been JUST AS EFFECTIVE as cuting jeanie into driving to devil's lake and back.

i'll find out the final decision of when i can have my wedding "hopefully in another ten to twenty days."

17. december 2004 - ice cream mochi cake!

we keep coming back to the idea of having a mountain of mochi ice cream for our wedding cake. people do krispy kremes and cupcakes, so why not these little delights?

"Imagine a harmonious east-meets-west fusion of creamy ice cream wrapped in sweetened finely-grained rice flour all resulting in a delectable bite-sized ball of happiness. Lightly powdered on the outside, the mochi “casing” gently stretches just a bit before giving way to supple orbs of tasty ice cream inside."

we're thinking of having the standard green tea and red bean flavors, as well as chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. i just need to find a dry ice vendor in madison to make sure it all gets there in one piece.

5. december - location scoped out

saturday out in baraboo and at devil's lake, animated conversations with ranger bec (who married on the south shore last fall,) location scouting, and small town roadside attractions -- frozen turkey bowling.

they provide tables and chairs for 108 at the shelter we want; now i just need to nail down table cloths, chairs for the ceremony outside, and other sundry decorations (tba, but looking for suggestions.)

we're thinking of holding the ceremony here, between the shelter and the beach, with the beach as a backdrop, or on the other side of the shelter, depending on the weather. the concessions stand will be closed (and thus fewer people about) if we hold it after columbus day. if we end up having it before, there'll be more people, but guests would also rent canoes and the like as well. oh, the decisions to be made.

29. november 2004 - ideas and a dress designer.

dress designer acquired! gerry quinton, of chicago's morua designs, will be designing my wedding dress and a matching vest for the jeffp.

thanksgiving at home was interesting, and idea-generating, thanks to a cousin who's also marrying soon. i had no idea the wedding industry was such a racket. my inner DIY-er is coming out in full force.

4. november 2004 - ack! too much to do, too little time!

the to-do list threatens to overwealm me. ceremony and reception change again, to devil's lake state park. less stressful, and still gorgeous.

26. october 2004 - ch-ch-ch-changes!

things picked out. need to make calls and reservations, and pick out some foodstuffs for the reception menu. woo, food.

25. october 2004 - guest book

picked out a vendor for our guest book -- a coworker recently showed me the work of ex libris anonymous, and small shop out in the pacific northwest that turns old books into spiral bound journals. quite nifty. i just need to find something wedding-appropriate, and i'm set. if all else fails, they said i can find a book on my own, and they'll do the binding for less than $10!

19. october 2004 - generousity.

in my quest to do a cool, unique, "us" wedding on a budget, i'm taken aback at how willing to help my friends are, and am consistently trying to quash the "i'm taking advantage of our friendship just to save some dough" monkey that's rearing it's ugly head.

15. october 2004 - options locked in, yet still in flux.

still trying to get things together. much in flux. once we can get ahold of jeff's sister and find out when she can take some time off from her busy tour schedule, we should be able to nail down a date, and then i can finally start talking to vendors and booking locations and such.

the art park looks positive, with a reception in one of the madison parks afterword. however, bookings start friday, and we've got a pretty narrow availability for dates.

the reception will include lots of gourmet snackie foods for all, and the odd possibility that the wedding cake will be a red velvet cake, shaped and frosted to look like a big piece of sushi. (!)

12. october 2004 - wedding haiku!

from lex:

Alyska and Jeff
humbly invite you to share
their wedding day joy

Two together now
Share the wedding vows with us
As we wed this day

Love found; so hard-won
I want to live this dream with
you always; be mine

from suzanne:

Sunshine brings changes.
Honorable ma'am and sir
will be wed. BRING IT!

from moses:

Alyska and Jeff
found in each other a match
and want forever.

4. october 2004 - realizations.

i'm not entirely sure things have sunk in yet. the ring is beautemous, and jeff did a wonderful job of heeding my anti-diamond and yellow gold sentiment. and for sap points, he also presented me with a matching pendant and earrings because he wanted to emphasize that he wanted "the whole package."

now comes the dawning realization that i need to, you know, plan a wedding. i don't think friends or family would appreciate an elopement, and yet i can't picture having a massive massive event in clothes i'll only wear once. setting a date? finding a location? i think we can pin most of it down, but will have the most issues with finding an officiant, and a photographer that fits my...high standards.