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About Us:

AlyskaAlyska - A graduate of the University of Wisconsin film program, Alyska has shot and directed a number of 16mm film and video works while living in Madison, Wisconsin, as well as assisted with camera work for VH1's Garbage: Behind the Music.

Currently a filmmaker and photographer with PointyKitty Studios, and resident multimediatrix for the Wisconsin Alumni Association, Alyska spends her free time wandering the streets of Madison armed with a camera, regularly taking the time to skritch her kitty and ponder returning to the halls of academia for graduate school.

AlyskaJeffrey - A former history major at the University of Wisconsin, Jeffrey has driven cross-country on his motorcycle and fallen out of a perfectly good airplane on several occasions.

Currently working as the Technology Manager for Start Renting, a national apartment rental publication, Jeff spends his free time woodworking, remodeling the ManleyHouse, riding and working on motorcycles, and playing with his kitties.

Baby ABaby A - Baby A is the kitty that stalks in the night! And sleeps, and snores, and eats, and trills. But only if you let him sit on your lap and grow roots.

With us for half his life, he's the Bailey-Peterson household kitty -- much loved, and much spoiled. Look into those big green eyes and try not to be powerless to his wishes.